Monday, November 29, 2010


I trust you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend.  We had a good time with both sides of the family.  What could be better than Two Thanksgiving Dinners? 
As I said last week, I made the pies:
Thanksgiving Pies
That would be 2 pecan, 2 blueberry, 1 pumpkin and one (not pictured) apple.  In the gravy boat is the Maple Whiskey Cream Sauce from Pioneer Woman.  I also made her pecan pie recipe. YU-UM.  I love pecan pie and this was definitely one of the best I have made/eaten.  I finished the last piece this morning!  If you make the sauce (which I highly recommend) make it one or two days ahead of time.  She says one, I think it was actually better the second day.

The blueberries are wild from Michigan that we picked and froze this summer. (see banner picture) They hold up so well, and hardly need any sugar for a great pie.  

The pumpkin wasn't my favorite this year.  I just used the recipe on the can - I usually use a Martha Stewart recipe with maple syrup and cream.  I will go back to that next year.

This year for my birthday, Mr. Riley bought me some fall leaf cut-outs from Williams-Sonoma. (along with my favorite rolling pin ever!)  An easy and pretty way to make your pies look good.

And now we get ready for Christmas!

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