Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So, I was contacted last week about entering a little sewing contest called "Project Toddler Runway".  You can check out the link here for yourself.  It seems like a really fun idea.  But I'm tortured about whether or not I should even try.  IF I get in even in the top 10, do I really want to make myself crazy for an unknown (up to 8) amount of weeks trying to sew and be clever on a theme each week?  Plus, I'll confess, the prize for winning probably wouldn't cover much of what I spend on the outfits - unless I make my goal to not buy anything for it....hmmmm.....that might be the way to go.  On the plus side, I might get more followers, and isn't that what the blog world is all about? 

What do you think?  Should I try to enter and enjoy the fun and creativity?  Shall I let my house and children run wild while I sew?  Or should I forget the whole thing and enjoy it as a watcher?


Mindy said...


I especially like the "letting the house and children run wild" part. ;-) Then I won't feel so guilty about doing it. Of course, I won't have the excuse of entering a contest...

You'll be amazing!

Unknown said...

Since you mentioned something you already had... I think this is a great idea! You could call it something like? Project rewound? or "Project Recycle" good luck!