Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Owls Everywhere

So owls are obviously "in" again.  I've been seeing them everywhere.  So I decided to get in on the action and made my own.
This guy is a pattern fromProduct Details
Sewing Bits and Pieces: 35 Projects Using Fabric Scraps
by Sandi Henderson.
I bought the book because I loved the cardigan on the front.  When I first paged through it, I wasn't all that excited with the projects inside.  But then I kept thinking about this owl and I had to make it.  His name is Archimedes (from Disney's Sword in the Stone).  The stomach piece on the pattern is a little tall, but it did get covered up with his neck feathers.  Also, the instructions tell you to do french knots to hold on the feathers.  I put some beads on instead.  I also learned why you are supposed to use wool felt instead of the cheap stuff from the craft stores.  Wool doesn't melt.

I thought for sure one of my kids would take him for their own, but he sits in my dining room with me.  Maybe they think he's mine. 

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