Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wedding Projects

My sweet StepSis celebrated her wedding on Feb 2.  Yep, Ground Hog's day AND palindrome day. 02/02/2020.

It was amazing, beautiful, perfect.  I helped out a little bit.   I made signs!

 I tried to work ahead of time.  Getting vinyl cut out ahead of time and ready to apply as needed.
 The wedding ceremony and reception were at Alpine Valley Resort.  Signage helped get people where they needed to be.

I also made beeswax candles for their unity candles during the ceremony.  This was my first venture into tapers.  I made five, in case any were broken along the way.

 The couple used the candelabra from my wedding!  S described it as very "Beauty & the Beast"
 I also had to do some alterations for my bridesmaids dress.  Seriously, I would rather make a dress from scratch.  Had to take in the top, shorted the straps and hem about 4.5".  This isn't a great reflection of the color.  Its actually much prettier.

 Speaking of signs, we celebrated the bachelorette party at one of those sign making places.

 Here's my sign.  Yep, married almost 24 years!

I'll share a few wedding pics tomorrow. 


thornberry said...

You made so many special elements for this wedding! Everything looks great. And I'm with you on alterations...would rather make from scratch!

Regina said...

Very sweet Rachel!!!!!

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