Monday, November 18, 2019

Cotton Theory Rug

I took a class a couple of Saturdays ago on how to make a Cotton Theory Rug. 

Cotton Theory was developed by Bonnie Cotton.  You can find a couple of the books on Amazon, and some episodes of how she does it online, as well.  It is basically a unique quilt as you go method.

 I was attracted by the idea of it because I had a place in the house that needed a rug, and it was made of quilting fabric and batting.  I have those in abundance!
 The class was taught by one of the guild members and she did an excellent job.  I am mostly pleased with it.  I will do it differently if I do it again.  It did not end up very square.  I am pretty sure it was me, not the method.
The teacher assures us that the more you use and wash the rug, the better it feels. 

 Even with is imperfections, it is happily serving me at the foot of my bed.  It actually doesn't seem to move too much with walking over it, which is kind of nice.

A couple ladies in the class were shocked that I would use such light colors on a rug, but hey - it works, and we don't wear shoes in the house anyway.
This gives you an idea of the quilting and texture on the top of the rug. 

I think it would be fun to do a Christmas one.  I certainly have enough fabric to try!

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