Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Si's Award Winning Quilt

Let's pretend it hasn't been a month, shall we?

We shall.

Every spring The Crazy Quilters Guild in Mukwonago, WI has a quilt show.  Sometimes I enter, sometimes I just attend.  Over Christmas I asked the kids if anyone wanted to make a quilt for the show for the youth categories.  The caveat is that for this show, the kid has to do ALL the sewing and quilting.  

Si said he wanted to.

 We visited "Mom's fabric store" and he chose the above fabrics.  He definitely had a vision.
 I did do the cutting.  The rules didn't mention the cutting..... Si laid it out. 
 Sewed all the squares.  We did a pillowcase finish, so that he could tie his quilt on his own.
And a third place ribbon for the boy!

The quilt has been washed and currently resides on the boy's bed.  A win all around. 

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OPQuilt said...

This is awesome!! I love that final picture, of him with his two thumbs up. Give him a hearty congratulations from another quilter. (And congrats to the Mom, too!)