Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2017 Temperature Quilt

The top for my 2017 Temperature quilt is finished.  I decided to go literal as opposed to an abstract layout. 

So to that end, I labeled everything.  I think of it as an oversized Tea Towel.
Trying out some border fabrics.  I did really want to use the Elizabeth print, but it just wasn't quite bold enough to stand up to the center of the quilt.
So spirals it is.
I thought I'd run out and get a quick photo, but a flimsy on the clothes line moves with every little puff of wind.
So laid out on the frozen ground.
I've even got the back together and the label is pieced into it. It includes a key for all the temperature/colors and also days for when I traveled to other places during the year.
Binding is ready to go!
AND I cleaned out my Temperature Quilt Box.  Lots more people seem to be doing a Temperature quilt this year, and while I was sorely tempted, and had even chosen a design, I let it go.  This is supposed to be a "sabbatical year" and it would have quickly become a "have to" project.  I feel lighter already.

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