Friday, November 3, 2017

A Grand Entrance: The Hobbit House

This is a good picture to start with.  It shows my finished Hobbit House quilt and the rules that surrounded the making of it.

As soon as I heard the subject, way before I saw the fabrics, I knew I wanted to do something like a hobbit house. 
This one is in the children's area at our local Renaissance Faire.
Just a couple of the gazillion ideas I sketched out.

 And some progress shots.
 I did draw it out full size on a piece of paper.  I used it as a sort of a pattern. Loosely.

 Everything is raw edge applique with Wonder Under 805.  Yes, I do buy it by the bolt.

 I was cutting out flowers while the kids played at a park.

 Above, mostly ready for the quilting.  You'll see a there are a few more flowers in the final piece.
 Busy back to use up fabric and hide messy stitches.  Also I put the label right in the backing so when the quilting was done, the label would be done.  I put the two required fabrics as part of the label.

 All done and ready for the show. 
This quilt did not win a ribbon, there were some very lovely and well made quilts that it was up against.  The judge noted in the comments that it "lost it's perspective" I assume she meant depth perception, and I rather agree.  But it was fun to put together and will soon go to its happy permanent home.

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Regina said...

I liked your Hobbit house and knew what it was right away!