Monday, September 25, 2017

Mini's Ladybug Dress McCalls 5033

 It's been a couple of months since I actually made this dress for Mini - but you know, that whole sitting down and blogging thing.
We were in the Hobbit Lobby and she spied the fabric - pulled the bolt down all by herself and asked for it.  I said sure and got two yards.  On the way home the crying started.  She didn't understand why it wasn't a dress NOW!  Why couldn't we go home and she could put it on.  Heart rending sobs by the time I parked the car and went in the house.

She was mollified a bit when I pulled out the patterns and she picked one.  She asked all the time when I was going to work on it.  Like every couple of hours.
When I finally got around to cutting it out, I didn't have enough (of course)  so back to the store. I went to a different location of Hobby Lobby and you can see the difference in the fabric printing. At least they look the same on the front.

She loves the dress and wears it regularly.

 And its great for spinning with a big circle skirt.


carolaj3 said...

I think the hat really makes the outfit. Swirly skirts are the best.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is so cute :)

QuiltGranma said...

great basic dress pattern! AND big enough to grow more while still being able to wear it1