Monday, August 28, 2017

Jelly Roll Race Quilts X2

Jelly Roll Race Quilts have never really been my favorite.  I think its the lack of control, the "true randomness",  the fact that you don't know how many pieces of colorway are going to be in the roll and no way of knowing what they will look like when you are done.

So why in the world did I make two??  For charity of course.  Our guild supports (with quilts) a camp "up north" that is for children who have lost parents in battle.  They are kids of all ages and sizes, boys and girls.  I've had the jelly rolls for these two quilts for years, with no particular plan, so this was a great way to make a couple of quilts, and quickly.

To make this one a bit larger, I added in plain yellow strips of various sizes between each of the prints and added a yellow border.  Large stipple quilting and a poly batting to finish the quilt.  It finished at 55" x 68"

 This one was made of two sets of strips from Connecting Threads called "Botanical Beauty".  I had two strip sets of 24 strips each.  This one ended up long ways.  In this case I added a pink square in between each strip.  Of the two this is my least favorite.  I just hope there was someone who loved it.

Again with the poly batting and big stipple quilting.  This one finished at 58" x 62".


Sherry VF said...

I love your header picture! I've never seen an unripe blueberry before...not even in a picture. Had no idea they are white.

Needled Mom said...

lol. I like the second one best. Adding the pink squares is a great idea.