Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hexies in the Snow - Crayon Challenge White

 I never can resist a good challenge!  So when it was announced at the guild that there was a crayon challenge again this year, I stepped up and grabbed a baggie.  And got white.  The rules state you only need to use your color 50% of the piece, so everyone told me to just use it as background.  Where is the challenge in that??
 So I quickly put together a pile of white fabrics, various textures and shades of white.
 Laid out a 12"x12" plan.
 And started basting.  Let me tell you, this will be the last thing I glue baste.  The quickness of the beginning is not worth the trouble at the end.

I had originally thought this would be a good hand project before we left for our two week vacation out East.  But, I got the whole top put together before we even packed!

 Quilting and finishing didn't take long either.   A layer of heavy interfacing and a layer of thin batting.  Wiggle quilting along the seam lines.  It is a stitch setting on my machine.
 Et Voila, a finish.  I turned it in last month at our guild meeting.  It will be up for Silent Auction starting in September (I think)

 I took the quilt outside for photos, against my garden.  It is quite over taken by Evening Primrose.
 Shockingly white, here.
 I also spent some time trying to capture a good photo of a native bee visiting the flowers.
 She was much more interested in nectar than posing!


Kathy H said...

I really liked your hexies in white. I would have probably used it as a background or put it in some snowmen! But I really liked how it turned out. Inspiration to try fabric in a different (for me) way.

OPQuilt said...

Love this! I do love glue basting, but try not to slather too much on, otherwise you are cursing at take-out time. (It saves my hands.) I think the quilting is terrific--wiggle your way to success, is how I see it.