Monday, November 16, 2015

Small Finishes Part 1

 Since I've gotten a bunch of major projects done and out of the way, I've been trying to finish up some small projects waiting in the wings. 

First up was a ipad mini pouch for E's BFF A.
 This is the one (above) I made for E.  A wanted one just like it.
 I quilted it a bit different and put a pink binding on it.  She was super excited.  I love that other kids like that I sew things.

Next up was an Ipod pouch for WD, so he can put the Ipod and cords together for traveling.
 Creeper wins every time.
 Just a simple fold over.
 With velcro.

And last, for today.  My super cool design board.  Foam core board, white flannel, and duct tape.  Oh, yeah!


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OPQuilt said...

Fun to read through your blog (I've been so delinquent) and see all your projects. Love the quilt in the previous post, and clever sewing Mom to the rescue for the violin rests. Lastly--love that design board!