Monday, September 28, 2015

Traveling Thread Catcher Tutorial

Today I will show you all the steps to make your very own Traveling Thread Catcher.

Let's start with what you need:

1 Fabric Rectangle:   8 x 9.75”
2 Fabric Circles:   3 ½“ diameter (across)
2 Card board Circles: 2 ¾” diameter  (Use lightweight cardboard. I used a soda can box)
2 Batting Circles:     2 ¾” diameter  
1 Pringles Circle:    1/2” wide 

*If you are looking to make multiples for gifts, you can get three thread catcher from one fat quarter*
 I like to put masking tape on the Pringles circle, covers the edges and also keeps the Informacion Nutricional from showing through light colored fabric!
 The easiest way to trace your batting and cardboard circles is to use the inside Pringles ring!

1. Do a running stitch around the edge of fabric circle.

2.      Place batting then cardboard in center of fabric circle, pull up stitching to gather around, secure with a knot.

 3.      Do this twice.

4.      Sew two circle sets together, wrong sides together. 

 5.      Press long edges of rectangle up ¼”

6.      Sew 8” edge of rectangle, right sides together, using a 1/4" seam.
7.      Press seam open

8.      Slide Pringles ring over fabric tube (wrong side is still out)

9.      Fold fabric tube over Pringles ring, pinning pressed edges together, pushing Pringles ring to the top.

10.   Stitch right under the ring to make a casing

11.   Remove pins, and pull the inside of the fabric tube out

12.   Pin bottom to the fabric tube.  Tube will be slightly larger – just ease as you stitch.
 13.   Stitch all the way around.

14.   Push the bottom through the ring.
 Pin and stitch other side of the bottom to the fabric tube.

15.   Ta Da! Twist and push together – thread catcher is ready.

 This is the one that I use.  The rest have been given as gifts, or will be at the Guild Boutique in a few weeks.

 If you have any questions are clarifications, please leave a comment or an email.  I'll help where I can!

Other resources for this pattern:


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Now that's slick! I've always wondered how to make these. Adding this to my To Do list. . .

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