Friday, July 10, 2015

Ipad Cover - Hello! Kitty!

 True story:  Way back in December, Mr. Riley bought me an Ipad Mini for Christmas.  Know how many times I used it?  None.  I think he was just out of ideas for me.  (I should teach him to buy fabric!)  Anyway, Eldest child has pretty much claimed it, and it was agreed that it needed a cozy before we went on vacation.
 So I made up a quilt sandwich out of fabric chosen by E.
 That's a lot of Hello Kitty cuteness.
 After its quilted, I put binding across the bottom, then bring it up to form a pocket.  Baste the sides and then add binding around three sides.  I did all of it by machine.
 The closure is two vintage buttons from stash and a hair band.  The top button is decorative.
 Et Voila, safe and cozy Ipad. (pictured here: Google Nexus Tablet - I think E hid the Ipad before she left for camp!)

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