Friday, March 6, 2015

Sewing Machine Cover

 I finished up another small project yesterday.  A sewing machine cover.  I loooove this fabric.  So fun.  I'm so glad I found a project where I didn't have to cut it up.  And I get to look at it a lot.
 It is essentially a bag without a handle.  And yes, one side is upside down.  I couldn't afford to take a seam and shorten it more.  I'm totally OK with it.
I fully lined the inside with this great rainbow batik.  So it is essentially reversible, depending on my mood.
This is why I needed a machine cover.  My little helper.  I know you are supposed to cover machines when not using them, but I'm pretty sure that I put more dust in my machine using it, than when it sits.  After all, I do sew pretty much every day.
Lately, if I sew during the day, every time I get up, she takes my place.  Unfortunately, it looks like she's already figured a way around it. 
One of the reasons I made it soft, is because I usually have my table attached, so I wanted to just be able to flop it on.   Also makes it soft, squishy, and packable.

 In other news, I can always tell when E has been at the sewing table, my pins are organized by color...
 And last night I basted my Hexy Baby quilt.  For this kind of size I do a combination of spray and pin baste.  I carefully pinned the edge of each outer hexie.  For a size reference, it measures 31" x 37" right now.  It is made of a total of 408 hexagons. 

I should start quilting E's quilt first.


Mindy said...

Haha! I love that E organized your pins. =)

The mini hexies look great! ...and like tons of work.

Have a great weekend!

(Oh yeah--and such fun fabrics for your reversible machine cover! I hope to have more access to my machine soon.)

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