Monday, December 15, 2014

Swap Quilt Received

 Isn't it wonderful?  I was sooooo excited when I picked up my mail on the way to get the kids.
I wanted to tear into it, but waited until we got back home.  Mail all the way from Australia, OZ, Down Under!
It's from Rebecca @2bees in instagram.  The star is called Wisconsin Star - how perfect is that?  And blue and white, my absolute favorite color combination.   The straight line quilting in a pale blue is perfection.  I am so pleased with it!
She even hand embroidered the label.  I should really start doing that more often. 
I'm stitching on a couple of pockets so that I can get this beauty hung up.  I think its going in my bedroom - which is blue and white.
 Lots of other goodies, too.  I've opened the calendar - so fun.  Haven't opened the candy or the vegemite yet...


OPQuilt said...

This is so beautiful! I love that she keyed into your great state of Wisconsin, yet interpreted it in a fresh way. That unicorn is the best. Enjoy the treats!!


Vicki said...

Rachel, this is so beautiful! Looks like fun to me.