Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Circle of Life Finish

 When it rains, it pours.  One more finish.

 This was a panel that I won from a Giveaway Day, last year?  I added the stripes to enlarge it a bit.  I used some poly batting that I picked up recently because it was cheap and I planned to use it for charity quilts.  It says low loft, but it is still thicker than what I prefer.  The quilt is pretty soft and comfy, but detailed quilting is pretty much out the window.  This finished at 31" x 41".
 More of the stripes on the back.  The stripe came from Connecting Threads.
 I added this bit from the panel onto the back.  Not sure if I'll donate this one to charity, or to our guild's boutique.  I'm not thrilled with the quilting, so I'll give it some thought.

 Incidentally, the next Giveaway Day is December 8.  Still trying to decide whether to participate, or not.  I don't generally enter the giveaways anymore, its not worth the time - I can just go buy the fabric, really, and since I'm not buying fabric right now....  Anyway, I do have some Tula Pink Saltwater that I know I don't need, so perhaps a giveaway is due, just in time for Christmas.


Average Quilter said...

We are always so much more critical of our own work. It looks great from here. I kinda feel the same about giveaway day and haven't made up my mind either on entering something or not.

Vicki said...

I like the way you finished this panel off.

OPQuilt said...

Feel the same way about the giveaway day as you, an your first commenter, and am not motivated enough to "buy" more blog readers like I've seen some do (one person had a 90-buck bundle from Fat Quarter Shop to be shipped anywhere in the world!). And then, don't we feel obligated to finish up something from that giveaway--putting it before our own quilts?

You've done a great job with this panel--another finish--whoopee!
(And I've had a fun time reading through your blog this morning :)