Friday, August 22, 2014

Family Friday: Ballet Edition

 Last week was ballet camp for my eldest daughter. (no tents) The girls spent the week studying the ballet, Giselle.  There was lots of dancing, choreography to learn, French terms to learn/review, some snacks and a bit of craftiness.  By the end of the week they had two dances to perform.
 Fourteen Giselles with their medallions.
 Apparently these two pictures capture a very classic part of the dance from the ballet.

 In the white skirts the girls are doing the Dance of the Wilis.  They are spirits of girls who have died of broken hearts.
 E is on the left here.

 E and her friend.


OPQuilt said...

Oh such a lovely post! And this is one of those "momma payoff" moments to treasure, for sure. I could watch my children perform forever! Beautiful dancers, beautiful daughter.


Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Beautiful. I remember many a dance recitals over the years when my daughter was younger. So fun.

Vicki said...

How fun! Looks so beautiful and graceful.