Thursday, March 13, 2014

Really Random Thursday 3.13.14

Randomness: (I haven't linked up for a couple weeks, so I've got lots!)
Tomorrow is Pi Day! 
 Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.
Therefore March 14 is Pi day.  If you want to get really freaky: it's Pi time at 1:59 A.M. or P.M.
Do you have plans for pie?  I'm thinking of a chocolate pudding one for dessert tonight!

 This book came in the mail recently.  I read the whole thing cover to cover and learned a tons.  I think I will search out her other book, as well.
 I was watching this icicle grow for a couple days.  Then someone walked by and took it down....
 Our driveway was quite icy for a few days.  E thought she'd try her hand at Skeleton.  So I dug out an old runner sled and she went at it for a while.

 The kids were off school for a day so we went to the Mitchell Park Domes.  Above: Quilt pattern inspiration.
 M is a big girl in a stroller now!
 Yesterday WP got a project idea in his head.  I narrowed it down to acceptability with a hammer and aluminum cans.  He went at this for a long time.
Of course, Si had to get in on the action!


Lizzie said...

Wow, looks like you have a ton of snow in your neck of the woods too. Your driveway looks very scary....I'm just going out to shovel mine as we got about 15 inches yesterday and I need to go out this afternoon.

Unknown said...

Looks like Si got in on the hammer/can pounding after all.

Vicki said...

Ii love the aluminum can idea! Genius!! Got my happy mail today...THANK YOU again.

Regina said...

A boy, a hammer, a cat, and a can! I didn't know how this post was going to turn out! hahahahaha.

Sarah said...

Is it still cold and frozen in northern United States? Hard to believe you are in spring and still can't go outside every day. Skeleton looks like fun, althgh I could imagine my kids losing their teeth!