Thursday, January 16, 2014

Really Random Thursday 1.16.14

 I was doing some cleaning and came across these old garbage liners.  Love the hair do!
 Breakfast for tummy troubles
 E made some functional Lego pieces.  I've promised to use them until they are empty.
Three kids, three report cards, a whole lot of As!  (I can't take credit for that, their school and teachers are outstanding!)  This also means we are half way done with the school year.  Astounding!

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Leanne said...

Your kids are doing so well! Maybe the lego builder will grow up to be a designer of beautiful and interesting kitchen implements or an engineer.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Ahhh . . . I remember the days of having Legos everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Now they are stored in the attic for when my son has kids. He and his sister sat at the top of the attic door over Christmas break and played with them.

Mindy said...

Vintage garbage liners--who'd have known?

Sorry about the tummy troubles. Hopefully everyone is finally over that soon!

How much salt and pepper do those hold? That's great work!

Congratulations on the good report cards. =)

Sarah said...

Surely you have your hair all perfect like that when your changing the bin liner and doing the cleaning? I sure do....NOT 😜 Excellent report cards their kids. Proud Mum I'm sure. I see your kids study bible. Do they to to a church run school? Our church and state are very separate in Australia so no religion is explicitly taught in state run schools.

Monika said...

Hi, I only just started reading your blog and will be coming back regularly :) I trained as teacher and now work in teacher professional development so I quickly wanted to say a great big thank you for complimenting your children's teachers on their fantastic grades :) Good teachers work incredibly hard and don't often give themselves or get from others the credit they deserve!
Sunny greetings from New Zealand, Monika