Friday, October 25, 2013

Tie Backs and a Bag Bag

 You know those little sewing projects around the house that you know would be fast, easy, and make your life easier but never seem to get done?  I got a couple of them finished!

 1. Curtain tie backs.  Every morning when I opened the kid's curtains I would wish they had tie backs.  I always thought I'd have to choose fabric and interfacing to get them done.  Then one day; Wham-o! Grosgrain ribbon!  Done!
 Next was the bag bag. (fun to say) I don't know about you, but the plastic bags sometimes take over my closet, and I confess I'm not great about using re-usable bags.
 I made this in about 20 minutes.  Seriously.  (photographed by my sad, fading fall garden)
 It just takes one fat quarter.  Maybe I'll put up an easy tutorial when I'm back in town....

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