Friday, October 11, 2013

Tablet Cover

 Back in August Mr. Riley bought "us" a tablet for "our" anniversary.  Who uses it the most?
The Kids.
It does allow me to have Instagram, though, since our phones don't support it.  You can find me there as rsriley77.
Anyway, it does have a rubber protector on it, but I wanted something it could travel in, so I made a pouch.
 Some fabric I got in a scrap bag from the LQS, 3 layers of cotton/bamboo batting, a bunch of straight line quilting, a button and some binding.
 A nice cozy (and safe tablet)
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Vera said...

Cool. Those kids, lol.

Ava said...

I love the quilting on this so much.

Shauna said...

Love it!

OPQuilt said...

Very cute, Rachel. I love my cloth tote, too. I made one for me because I couldn't find one I really liked, and so far, it's been great. I lined it with Minky, so I feel like it shines up the glass as it goes in and out.

I love your great big button!