Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh, Dear. More stash expansion.

One thing about having this sweet little baby face is that there isn't so much time for sewing.  When she does nap and/or I have two hands free I generally feel obligated to do things like dishes and laundry instead of sew.
(she's starting to smile!)

Blogging is easy to do, I've gotten pretty good at one hand typing, but you've got to have blogging subjects!

Guess what else is easy to do at the computer while holding baby?

So.  Here are some recent fabric additions.
 A stack and a roll of Kona Cotton Solids
 My first dip into Kaffe Fasset fabrics. (rhymes with Safe Asset)
 Neutral Stripe and Colorful Stripe yardage from Connecting Threads (sorry, the color is off here, remember: blogging easy; picture taking, not so much.)
 A Handmade from the Heart stack of charms (four packs)
 10" squares and strips from the Botanical Beauty Collection
 Wilderness Strips

Just a note on the Connecting threads purchases. I really like their fabrics, you just have to pay attention to how many you're getting in a charm pack, or stack, or strips.  Their collections tend to be a smaller number of fabrics, so if you are looking to make a certain size quilt, you may need more charm packs, etc, that what you would get from another fabric line.


Unknown said...

YEA on the smiles!

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

I agree it is super easy to shop online while holding infants, maybe too easy. :) Nice stash additions!

Leanne said...

She is so cute!