Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A few of my favorite things part 2

 Lets talk thread a bit today.  I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but my most favorite piecing thread is Aurifil.  I use a lot of the cream and sometimes the grey, or if its all one color piecing I'll use a similar colored thread.  Low lint and my machine loves it.

I also very happily use it for quilting as well.  I never seem to have tension issues if Aurifil is in the machine.
I've acquired a few spools of Superior threads, and been quite pleased with how nicely they quilt with as well.  Superior usually has a deal where you can get a sample pack of threads for a discounted price, as long as they choose the colors.  I have used their Bottom Line threads in my machine and in a long arm, and loved them!

 I have lots and lots of other threads, too.  And I generally try to mention what I use in specific projects, but these two above I've never been disappointed with.

Oh, and don't be cheap about your thread.  Pay attention to how much you're actually getting on a spool, and consider your frustration in the long run with inferior quality threads.  


Leanne said...

I use both of those threads and love them. I also use Valdani threads (they have stunning hand dyed colours) and Sulky thread for quilting. I stock up on thread when there is a sale and seem to now have a significant amount of it.

Regina said...

Rachel, do you have a preference for cotton over other types of thread? I try to only use cotton threads but I am thinking that I need to expand my horizons.

OPQuilt said...

Never tried Aurifil, but love Superior. They are right on my way home from Utah when I go and visit my Mom, so I'm always buying a spool or two from them. They are also at all my fav quilt shows, so I try to think ahead about what I'll need and stock up.

Love the caveat about buying good thread--so true!