Friday, June 28, 2013

Newport Beach Baby Quilt

 I am truly blessed.  Newbaby got its first gift at our Monday Quilt Guild meeting.  It was a beautiful collaboration of many of the members of the guild!
 Sometimes, I think no one appreciates the gift of a quilt like a fellow quilt maker
 Look at those perfectly quilted circles!  Thanks Pat!  She will always be John's mom to me :)
 As you can see, this was truly a group effort, and I've heard that the amount of volunteers was overwhelming.  Thank You So Much - Especially to Regina who organized the whole thing!
It measures about 48" x 48".  Perfect!



Regina said...

That is one beautiful quilt, if I do say so myself :)

You are welcome. I hope the little one loves it to pieces!

OPQuilt said...

A smile came over my face as I read this post. I'm so glad that they gave you a quilt for your little one, and I'm sure it came to you not only because of the generosity of the quilters, but also because you are so generous with your time in making quilts for others.

I am always a fan of the shadow-block pattern, and loved the label. What a treasure!


Mindy said...

It's beautiful! I love the bright colors and the combination of circles and squares. What a fun baby gift. =)