Friday, May 24, 2013


1. Monday I turned Thirty Six Years Old.
2. I remember when my parents were 36.  Boy were they old.
3. My current diagnosis with my OB says 'elderly multigravada currently pregnant'
4. I don't feel elderly.
5. Yesterday we left on our Epic Family Holiday.
6. I might be the most excited one in the house about Disney (I've never been)
7. I  loathe, dislike, can't stand, hate tick season.
8. So far this year I have completed 15 quilts.
9. This will slow down considerably after July.
10. I will never not be amazed when I feel the baby move.
11. I am inordinately fascinated by my new bird feeders and the birds coming to them.
 Indigo Bunting Pair
12. I have turned into a bird nerd.
13. It is absolutely unfair to keep a record of a pregnant woman's continually rising BMI
14. Our pet limit has been reached in this family.  1 dog, 3 cats, and an ever changing number of fish.
15. I have nightmares that our plecostomus will leap out of the tank and suck out my brains.
16. I am constantly inspired and start making plans for new quilts.
17. This doesn't bother me, as I decided a long time ago, that when you stop making plans, you start to die.
18. On the other hand, it is a little dispiriting, knowing that I will never have all the time I want to accomplish all the ideas I have.
19. My UFO list for the guild challenge is down to 5.  I am actively working on one, and have given up on one, so I feel pretty good.
20. My actual UFO list is 11.  I actually don't feel too bad about that either.
21. My UFO list will probably never be 0.  I just can't manage to only have one project at a time.
22. One UFO is MIA.
23.I have decided that my favorite composer is Vivaldi.
24. I cannot wait until my children are able to play Vivaldi for me.  Preferably all together.  It will make all the lessons worthwhile.
25. I am apparently a failure at stream of consciousness posts/list making.  Here I am at 25 and I still need to write 11 more things.  I've been working on this for a week.
26. My daughter's end of the year ballet performance was last weekend.
27.  I got one good shot of her, and its not even that great.  Guess I'll actually have to buy the DVD.
 28. I've loved watching all the girls mature, learn and become more graceful over the past 4 years.
29.  The boys in the family just wanted the show to be over.
30. As I finish this up it is raining here.  This in general is a good thing.  The Mosquitos, they will love it.
31.  Skippy Jon Jones is a new family favorite book.  "My head ees too beeeg for my body, My ears are too beeeg for my head"
32. If all goes as planned, on Friday (today) we will tour Mammoth Cave in the morning and then drive on to Chattanooga, TN for a couple of nights. 
33. Sunday we will be in Orlando. 
34. Best birthday present this year?  My new Cuisanart.  Its heavier than my Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I can't wait to get back home to "Shred, Chop, Slice and Pour"
35. I hope the cats don't eat each other while we're gone.
36. Thirty-Dead.


Leanne said...

Ok, first happy birthday. Secondly, I truly want to give you a pep talk. But since you are a pregnant hormone mess I trust that once that baby is in your arms you will be mostly better. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Loved your list of 36. I am 30 years older than you and have the same concerns (except being PG). Have a great trip.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I'm 36 too! I was on April 9th. My eldest child is 9 and my youngest is 4, but I only have three and there won't be a 4 & 5! I love babies but I think having more kids would really do my head in for good. I remember when my Mum was 36, I was already in year 8!! Elderly is a little harsh, considering many women don't start families until 35. Pregnancy dreams are freakily vivid!

kat129 said...

Ermahgerd! A berd nerd!

kat129 said...

Oh - and happer berthder!