Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clothespin Bag

Welcome to all my new followers (and regulars, too).  If you're looking for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway, it can be found here.

Whew, have you all been sitting with your coffees entering hundreds of giveaways?  Do you enter each one?  Do you follow all the rules for more chances?  I'm just curious.  I don't enter every single one, and I don't always become a follower.  I have to really like what I see.

I usually try to respond to each comment I get on my blog, but this giveaway is pretty crazy, so if you don't hear from me, I'm not ignoring you.  I really appreciate everyone who stops by and has something to say.  Its just a lot of comments!

Good luck.

On to today's regularly scheduled programming:

 I'm a pretty big fan of a solar/wind powered laundry dryer. A.K.A. clothes line :).  Any temps above 50 are fair game for hanging laundry.
The biggest drawback for me has always been dealing with the clothespins.  I've used various bags, even a large orange plastic bucket.  This was my most recent purchase.  Only a couple of dollars at the grocery store.
The bags are never big enough - or particularly pretty.  So I decided to make my own!

 A couple 'bags' of fabric, approximately 16" x 32" sewed on three sides.  Put one inside the other and baste across the top.
 I reused the boning from the purchased bag, sewed a casing and pushed it through.
 Added a couple of grommets for the wire hanger. (there is a reason you should use a 'protected' hard surface.  The cement sidewalk was not an ideal choice!
 Slide in the original wire hanger and I have one very large and pretty clothespin bag!

 The fabric is Laundry Day from Connecting Threads.


Gene Black said...

I like your clothespin bag.

I don't enter all the giveaways, only the ones I really want to win. If I really really want the prize, I will try to do all the "extra entry" things.

Stella Nemeth said...

I enter some giveaways but not all of the ones I see.

I like your clothes pin bag. I haven't been in an area where clothes lines were allowed for a lot of years. Generally if you have a homeowner's association, that is one of the first rules they pass. But actually, I like my dryer most of the time.

legato1958 said...

Cute clothespin bag!!
Connecting Threads is coming up with some really cute and pretty fabrics and patterns!


Regina said...

I don't enter all of the give aways, I have to really like the prize and I NEVER follow a blogger for a giveaway just based on principle! If I like the feel of the blog I go back later and become a follower.

I don't do Facebook so any entries that require liking or following get passed over.

I love to answer questions as part of the giveaway entry, you know I love to talk :)

I am reading your blog backwards today, I had 3 posts to catch up on so I am not sure what you are giving away but I shall find out in a few moments.

claudia said...

I only enter the contests that give away things I would use or that I like. I don't want to take a prize that someone else could use more than me! Love your clothespin bag. I wish I had my solar power dryer up and running, but alas, I had to leave mine behind when I moved in with my dad.

Sarcastic Quilter said...

Creative and pretty solution!

Lisa said...

I really love this, my MIL's is falling apart great idea as part of a gift! Thanks!

janequiltsslowly said...

I love this idea. I need to find the cheap grocery store bag first, so I can up cycle it.

Sarah said...

Good questions! I only enter the giveaways if I want or would use the prize. I do enter as many ways as possible, if I already do those things like follow or like on Facebook. I'm usually a follower of each of the blogs anyway coz I read through Bloglovin, and I'll only add more to there or Facebook if I really enjoy what I see on their blog. We hang our washing outside for most of the year in Australia too. It's a bit hard from June through to August when it's wet and dark. My trouble with peg bags is keeping them off the ground coz its so windy here they often blow off.