Monday, April 29, 2013

Rainbow Jellies

What do you do when you need $2.71 more to qualify for free shipping on Amazon?  Order fabric, of course!
 I've been wanting to do a rainbow quilt.
 But really had no plans.  This little roll of fabric caught my eye, and showed up on Monday.  After the Friendship Star and working on my Four-in-Art project, I wanted something New, Easy, and Fun.
 I've never been particularly enamored with the 1600 jelly roll quilts.  Usually they don't seem to 'blend' enough for me.  In this roll there were 2 2.5" strips of 10 colors. (that equals 20 strips).  So I determined a rainbow order that I liked, and pieced two identical sections of strips.  Then I cut out two blocks from each set of strips.  It is amazing how many ways you can turn around 4 blocks to make designs.  As you can see I ended up with just two columns of rainbows.  So far the top measures about 40" x 40".
 The part I'm most proud of?  I even pieced a back for it - ready to go.  Tie-dye bought in Boston last summer.
Unfortunately this means that I haven't worked on any UFOs for guild, or E's Fairy Quilt.
Moving On.

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