Monday, March 18, 2013

Monsters, Shirts, & Hats

 This little Monster turns Three today.  I suppose it is fitting that he ended up with a Three-eyed monster shirt.

I am not one of those mothers to bemoan my baby's growing up.  I am extremely proud of him, and after all, isn't our job as moms to grow our children up? 

Anyway, the monster thing started with this hat:
 A $2.00 thrift store find.
 I had cut this out of a kids catalog a while ago, thinking I'd never pay that much for a shirt I could make.
 WP saw the cut out and demanded a shirt to match his hat.  Voila.
 Si decided he wanted three eyes.

 I just satin stitched some fleece down to make the faces. 

 Si is now asking for a three eyed monster hat.  I'm hoping maybe I can whip one up today, it is his birthday, after all.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Cute! Loves to have his photo taken? My 4yo always has a face for the camera.