Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sewing for Pets

I figured out what to do with my batting scraps!  Oh, Happy Day.  You know, the ones that are too small to bother piecing together, but too big to throw away - at least without some level of guilt?

 A new dog bed!
 And a new cat bed!
 There is an obvious preference for the larger pillow.  The dog pillow fabric was a wrap skirt I tried to make w/o a pattern, that never really worked out. (unless you are a pole, you cannot wear a rectangle)  Sewed it up on three sides, stuffed, and ready to go.
 I think I emptied four plastic bags of various batting scraps.  Got it all done on a Saturday, and everyone is happy.

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Naturally Carol said...

They look very content with their new bedding. It's always good to be able to get something extra out of something you've bought.