Monday, August 27, 2012

The Ants Go Marching 12 x 12

 And just like that, summer vacation is over.  E starting Fourth Grade, and WD into the second.  They really wanted the picture to include the sun rays on this humid morning.

Have you ever heard of the Twelve by Twelve group?
I hadn't until Elizabeth did a blog post about the Long Beach Quilt Festival where they had an exhibition of their quilts.
Here are the cliff notes of what they do.  Every couple of months, each group member makes a quilt 12"x12" based on a particular theme word.  A couple examples have been various colors, or words such as 'mathematics' or 'maverick'.

I would recommend that you check out this post from Elizabeth, and also check out the Twelves Website.  They also have a book out that you can purchase as well.

Well, Elizabeth and I have been inspired to possibly embark on our own 12 x 12 adventure.  Perhaps willing to play with others, but there will be Deadlines and Rules.

Personally, for me, I always do better and more when I have a clear challenge put before me and a deadline to meet.  And really, 12 x 12 isn't so big.  Probably smaller or similar to the computer screen you're looking at right now (unless, of course you're using your PDA).

I would also recommend that you stop by to read Elizabeth's most recent post on the same topic.

So, if you are Seriously Interested, drop me an email or a comment, and we'll see what this turns into.  As of yesterday, we have one other participant.  A blog isn't required, but we will want to share photos of everyone's work.  I will definitely be setting up a flickr account once we get going.

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