Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Adventures in Pictures

 I took this shot because I thought it was really funny that you can park right at the Edge of the Grand Canyon.
 A contrail turning into shadow over the canyon.  There is work in progress to turn the area over the canyon into a no-fly or at least no-noise zone.
We rented a house with some family in Henderson, NV.  It was awesome.  The pool was probably the best part.  Absolutely perfect for our family.

 And when its over 100 everyday, it is a great relief!
 A view from our back yard.  The 'Strip' and the mountains with the sun going down behind a cloud.
 A friendly hummingbird came by each evening.  I didn't know they ever landed to eat - I've only seen Ruby Throated hummingbirds here, and they are shy and always moving.
 We had the In-N-Out Burger adventure.  On our way into town, and on our way out.

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