Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mish Mash: quilts, plates, and paint

A few random things going on here at the Life of Riley
 I found 12 pieces of my china at our local Goodwill last night.  And it was half off!  All this for less than $10.00.  I always check the china area in every antique/thrift shop I'm in since both my everyday dishes and china are vintage/antique.
 I finished 8 quilt tops between Thursday and Saturday nights.  Why the craziness, you ask?  #6 is the quilt that I finished first, it was on last week's WIP list.  Then I read our guild newsletter where they are trying to collect 200 quilts for children whose military parents are being deployed this summer out of Wisconsin.  I really wanted to help, and since I have nothing 'pressing' (we won't talk about teacher gifts) I whipped out some tops.  Actually I find it lots of fun.  I just grab my boxes of fabric, see what I have and see what I can put together.  It also gives me a chance to use some of the novelty prints I wouldn't otherwise use.  You'll see what I mean as I complete them and share.

Three are basted, so far.  They will have to wait one more evening, however.
 I have a date with this upper garage room
 and a large bucket of paint/primer.
 I can't wait to see this project finished!

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doodlebugmom said...

Wow! you have been busy!