Friday, May 11, 2012

Family Friday - Our Pet Family

Our family of pets has grown by 10 over the past couple of weeks.  Nope, not puppies or kittens. Fish!

We are on a new adventure of pet maintenance.  We acquired a new to us 20 gallon tank with all the trimmings. All we had to do was add water and fish.

 We now have four female bettas.  (the males are often called Siamese fighting fish)  The female coloring is still quite pretty but their fins are not as large.   A group of female bettas is called a sorority.
 Why bettas?  When Mr. Riley went to the store for the first test fish, they were the cheapest fish there.  He brought home one.  Her name is Ich (eeech)
 A week later we tried to add one more, Ni.  (knee)  Guess what?  Two bettas do not get along.  We learned you need three or more.
 So we added two more, San and Shi.  (Saaan, and She)  There was some fighting for dominance - see how there is a bunch of tail fin missing up there?  It is growing back, though.
 Now they've worked it out.  We also added 5 Neon Tetras (Eins, Swie, Dri, Vier, & Funf) and a Plecostomas (bottom feeder) named Flayer.  You can just barely see one of the Neons above the blue fish (Ich) in the above picture.

It is really hard to photograph fish.  Between the glass, water, lighting, and moving targets - its hard to get a clear shot.

So that's what's happening in our family - what's happening with yours?

Have a great weekend!

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