Thursday, May 24, 2012

Camp Pillows

Blog posts may be a bit spotty for the next week.  We are preparing for a Wilderness Camping Trip as a family.  Yep, 4 kids ages 2,4,6,8, me, and Mr. Riley.  It will be either Horribly Wonderful or Wonderfully Horrible.  I'm banking on the latter.

Anyway, one thing about backpacking is that you want as little weight and bulk as possible - so I whipped up some stuff sack fleece pillows for me and the kiddos.
 The idea is that you pack these small, light weight sacks along and stuff them with your own clothes for a pillow at night.
 It's just a piece of fleece about 12" x 26" hemmed, folded, sewn and then 2" of velcro to help hold it closed.
 Mommy's prerogative - two layers of fleece :)  I didn't bother to hem - just zigzagged the edges together.

The next project up: a sleep sack for Si.

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