Friday, April 13, 2012

Family Friday

I think its been a while since I've done a Family Friday, but this past week we spent some good times with family (and remembered to take pictures).

 On Friday we took a trip with some cousins out to Wind Point Lighthouse.  That's Flat Joy with E.  Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley?
 The beach.  Rocks and mostly Zebra mussels.  They've become a significant problem in the Great Lakes.
 WD out on the crumbling pier.
 The cousins.  Ages 12, 10, 8, 6, (almost) 4, & 2.
 On Sunday we headed out to my parent's.  WD and Opa on the tractor.  These two are definitely related, in looks and interests.
 WD with Sassy - my parent's puppy.  She's a Golden Doodle.  I think WD lives for time with dogs.
The neighbors have horses.  Si was interested in them.  They were much more interested in their lunch.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I'm off to a day of sewing and dinner with friends on Saturday!

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