Monday, March 12, 2012

Turning a Box into a Shelf

 Boys like to collect stuff - and WD is an average boy.  In fact this 'before' picture is after I had already cleaned about half the Legos off the dresser.
 A great painting by Oma. 
 This is the dresser.  I love it.  It's old and rustic and handmade by a relative.  And completely unique.
The mess on the top of the dresser was getting to me and I found these great boxes out in the barn.  I don't know what they are/used to be - but I do know they are DFPA tested and made of Douglas Fir!
 I cleaned up and plopped the biggest one on the top of the dresser.
 And did some rearranging.  It makes me happy for now.  WD was happy to see his Lego Star Wars ships in his room (instead of my china cabinet!)

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