Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Friday

Welcome to another Family Friday.  Or another gratuitous display of my children.  I suspect it might be a while before I have any projects to share, so this post might have to hold y'all over for a while.
 Can you believe he's almost two?!?
 E & I went to the Joffrey Ballet this past Saturday, thanks to a generous friend. 
 This morning we checked out one of our local art museums.  It was free!  Apparently its always free.  We will go back!
The kids liked running around outside more than the watercolors.
 The following pics were actually taken in December on our trip to Chicago.  We ate at Gino's East.
 You can write on the walls there.  The kids didn't think this was cool.  They thought it was gross.
Happy Friday everyone.  Hope yours is wonderful.  Ours is supposed to be snowy.

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