Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tools of the Trade

I pin basted the quilt together last night.

(For those of you who don't know, that is a grape-fruit spoon.  Helps me close the pins and save my fingers.)

Crawling around on the floor with pins for a couple hours brought on some thoughts.
1. I am getting too old to pin baste on the floor.
2. I need to get down and hand scrub along the edges of my kitchen floor.
3. Maybe thread basting wouldn't be so bad to try.  Not sure pin basting is faster....
4. This quilt will not win any awards.  Too many mis-matched points.
5. That's OK.  I really like how it looks.

Here's hoping I can get it quilted and bound in three days.......

1 comment:

LoriGinsberg said...

I love your post today. I am definitely too old for pin basting. I have four kids too, but mine are all grown and married. I now have a frame and a Juki that I use to quilt. No more basting for me. I am new to your blog, but am really enjoying it.