Thursday, September 15, 2011

Laughter Lines & Mini Skirts

 Why is there a blurry picture of me in a (gold lame!) mini-skirt?  Well, my dear bloggy friend Carol Wyer at Facing 50 with Humour is having a party over at her blog celebrating her very first book release Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines

You can vote on some other lovely women in mini-skirts (I neglected to get my pictures done on time)  You can also vote on your favorite joke.  The party starts Midnight UK time, which I believe is around 5pm Central time.

I must confess I have not read the book, yet.  However, I did get to read some early snippets when she was still writing it AND if the book is half as good/funny as her blog, its a can't miss!

So, here's a Cup of Tea toast to my UK friend on your book!

P.S.  I did make the skirt.  I'll try to blog on it soon.

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Mary Johnson said...

You look lovely. P.S. I want to see that skirt in church- SOON! ;P