Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Tale of Two Tops

Last spring I did two things;  Ordered a subscription to Ottobre and had my serger tuned up.  This is the very first thing that came off the serger.
I really liked it.  Until I tried it on.  Too small.

The next try was in turquoise.  Bigger seam allowances made for a much better fit.  I went on to hem it all.  The hemming did not go well.  I stuck both shirts in a stack and ignored them for a while.
Then I decided I really wanted to wear the turquoise one.  I sewed some lace along the bottom hem.  Even worse (no pictures).  So I cut off the neck and bottom hems and decided to go with the 'unfinished' look.

Fast forward a couple of moths (and a few less pounds) and what do you know?  This one fits, now.  I haven't bothered to finish the hems.
Interestingly enough, I made a skirt out of the same fabric about a year ago (pre-blog)

Seems like a bit much worn together.  What do you think?


Irene said...

I like it! It looks like a dress and what a great way to salvage what you started. I hate when I take the time to make something and it doesn't work out like I imagined it. But I think you have a great save.

Unknown said...

Needs a great belt, wide I think. in a completely different color like say ... red? Of course I can't see the colors clearly here, but ??? might be worth a shot.