Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Friday - Ballet Camp

A couple of weeks ago E attended a Swan Lake Ballet Camp.  3 hours everyday for 5 days.  They learned three dances, which were performed on the last day for families.  E did great, and of course Loved It.  Enough that I am *gasp* going to send her to 2 classes a week starting next month.

This is during the 'Princess Dance'.  E made her fan.  It was one of their crafts.
This is the 'Neopolitan Dance'.  The girls got to decorate their skirts for another craft. 
There was of course the 'Swan Dance', where the girls made feather head pieces.  I only have a movie of that and the ratio of people who read this blog who want to see it, compared to the work of setting it up on Youtube is too small for me to bother.  :)

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Doris Sturm said...

I use Picasa and when I upload my pictures and videos from my camera to my computer and pull it back up on Picasa, it asks me if I want to transfer it over to You Tube (because I've got an account there too) and it's as easy as pie to have it all done...just sit there and the computer does all the work - as it should be LOL

Your daughter looks very graceful and lovely. I bet you were so proud! When my daughter took ballet (very briefly) I went to one of her performances and brought her red roses and she felt so grown up ;-)