Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hi!  Yes, I know its been crickets around this blog for a while.  Hope you all didn't check out on me.  We had a great time on vacation - and I even managed to schedule a few posts while I was gone.  Then the day after we got home, a storm took out our internet connection for 3 days.  Seemed like an eternity and unable to post until now. 

I think I'll bore entertain you with some family vacation photos over the next couple of days.  :)
 S loved the beach.  Ate lots of sand.  Drank lots of lake and creek water.
 E should be a golden California Girl.
 This beach is on Lake Michigan, just down from the Cut River Bridge.  A very big suspension bridge.  Something like 170 steps down to the mouth of the river.  Near to us is a plant where Ford mines sand for making glass.  In the background is a freighter, that was hooked up to by a tug while we were there.  We assume they were 'moving freight'.  The big guy is my nephew.  He makes family trips with 4 little ones much easier.  An extra set of eyes and hands.  My kids adore him.
WP sacking out after a long day at the beach in the arms of Papa.


Doris Sturm said...

I love family photos, especially taken in such nice surroundings. No wonder your little sun is exhausted - spending time at the beach makes one tired - at least it does me ;-)

Thanks for sharing your photos and I'll look forward to more....mmmm, black raspberries, yum! I can't find those here, especially not now!

Mary Johnson said...

I love vacation pics! Welcome back. :)