Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl's Ottobre Mermaid Swimsuit

A couple answers to yesterday's post: 
Yes, it is the Ottobre Woman's Swimsuit pattern.  A halter top with shirred sides, and both a bikini bottom and a shorts bottom.
I will be making it in blue. The same blue on E's swimsuit.  Why?  Because it was free fabric.

E's swimsuit has been done for about a week.  It still has a couple runs in it - but its just for fun, and was good practice for me, so not a big deal.
 She really likes to pose.
 But she's cute, and good at it.
 Doing a ballet move here.
To deal with the runs, I did some trimming of the edges and put a binding on.  This probably doubled my working time on the suit, but I actually really like the effect.
The skirt I just made up.  Traced another one she had and sewed it up.  Simple A-line with two color bands at the top and a sort of 'ruffle' at the bottom.
The original pattern doesn't call for a lining.  The mint color is quite light and thin so it needed one - although I would have lined it for modesty anyway.  I love the overall pattern, though.  Easy to sew and good coverage.  Nice and modest.


Ethan and Moriah said...

That's a cute suit. I especially like the skirt. And, yes, she is good at striking a pose!

Mindy said...

It looks so great on her! Very nice.