Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I do love tea, although I'm more of a mug kinda girl, than a tea cup.  No milk, no sugar.  Unless it's Chai - that needs both!

So I must admit I was delighted when this box showed up on the porch.  (Well, actually the apron of the driveway, where the UPS man tossed it, just out of reach of the dog's lead.)
Happiness in a box.
They even customize your labels.
We've been customers for a few years now, so have amassed a few tins already.  Now we just order the bags and transfer them to tins as we open them.
 Yes, I do like tea.

* Upton Tea has no idea who I am.  I just really like their stuff.

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~Claire~ said...

I am definitely a "mug" of tea kinda girl too! We just got a proper "tea store" where I live so I can see myself amassing quite a collection as well. I browsed through the Upton site quickly and can see why you like them :)