Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Walk With the Wildflowers

I was quite convinced that spring would never really come here to the Upper Midwest.  But apparently one of the results of a cool, wet, long spring is an abundance of Wildflowers.  Want to take a walk with me around the property?  Let's Go!

 Here we've got the Common Blue Violet
And the Dog Violet.

 Spring Beauty
The Rue Anenome

 Large Flowered Trillium.  One of my favorites.

 I think this is some kind of Buttercup.
Jack in the Pulpit.  You can't see Jack, yet.

 Above and below are the same patch of flowers.  Closed one day, open the next.  They are 'White Dog Tooth Violet' - or 'Trout Lily'  It took me a long time to ID them, because they are usually orange.

Patch of Purple Trillium
Ok, not a flower, but still some really cool leaves.
Wait, how did this get in here.  Well, it is a flower, and it is in the wild!

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