Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Friday

Well this one might be a tad long.  I've got a couple of weeks to cover.

First up E had her Spring Showcase for ballet.  I don't have any good pics of that.  Brought the wrong camera. :(  But Tuesday was observation day for her last class.  I really like those days.  I don't know much about Ballet and her teacher does a lot of good explanation of why and how they do things.

I was truly impressed at what she's learned over the year - and how much more graceful she is.  Didn't get it from me!  Maybe I should start ballet......

Then we had Kindergarten Graduation.

A little road rash on the forehead.  I made the tie and pants (finished the hems about 1 hour before worn!)
WD did so great this year!  We had some debates about whether to start him this year or not, but I am really glad we did.  Fantastic teacher.  Great classmates.  They put on an hour long program and play.  This year was 'The Little Engine That Could'.
The Kindergarten teacher made all the costumes.  And the train. 

The next day was Kindergarten field trip to the zoo & beach.  I was happy to go along, with the little boys as well.  I don't get a chance to help in the classroom or do field trips much with the little ones around.

I know there isn't much to really look at in the bottom picture, but it displays a  phenomenon that we live with here next to Lake Michigan.  Its called 'cooler near the lake'.  The above picture - warm and sunny - and the bottom picture are same day, about the same time, just yards different.  At the bottom you can see the fog blowing in off of the Lake, making clouds and cooling it down at least 10 degrees.  While we were there a family showed up in beach wear and swim suits.  They walked down to the water, but didn't stay long.

So that's our last couple of weeks.  E is done with school now, too.  A good year.  We're all ready for some vacation!

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Carol E Wyer said...

Rachel you have such a gorgeous family.
I LOVE the idea of Kindergarten Graduation and the photo of your son. We should have that here. Your lovely children have brought a smile to my face - as has the fact that Google is now letting me write on people's blogs again...what a pain it's been recently.
Have a wonderful vacation. I can assure you you would not enjoy it here. We have what we call 'half term' and a day's Bank Holiday here and it is raining cats and dogs (as always when it's a Bank Holiday). My poor son has the day off on Monday and will no doubt spend it in bed - well he is 22 and will no doubt have a hangover!
Hugs and fond woishes from across the pond