Friday, April 22, 2011

Family Friday - Aquarium Trip

Today is Good Friday.  The kids are home from school and we will be dyeing eggs.

Last Saturday we took the train down to Chicago to visit the Shedd Aquarium.  Let's just say that I'm sure glad we had a free pass, or we wouldn't be able to afford to take the whole family!
 WP & I on the train.  He loooooooves trains, so this was pretty exciting for him.
 WD waiting in line.
 E waiting in line.  Still happy and not tired.
 I took these two pictures because we just don't build things like this anymore.  The detail of the doors and the lights.  The ceiling inside was just gorgeous.

 Both WD & I think sea horses are the best.  Did you know there are more than one kind?   My other pics didn't turn out real well.  Those guys move fast!
 We brought my Nephew.  My kids love him, and he helps us kid wrangle.  It was nice to have one adult per kid.
 I love how this picture turned out.  Too bad we didn't have the baby with. 
We had a really good time.  I think the kids even had fun.  Until it rained. And snowed. While we walked back to the train station.
And I had to throw in a picture of the Baby.  He hung out with Oma & Opa for the day.

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