Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby, Its Cold Outside

So, I made some curtains to keep out the cold.  Just finished them Monday night.

 Now, I do love the view from our large windows/sliding door in the living room.  But all that (40+ year old) glass lets in a lot of cold.
 For any of my readers that may have seen them up at my house before Monday...Well they were 'up' but they weren't hemmed or lined.  Boy do they make a difference!

This last picture is before I cleaned up for the shot.  It's actually a better picture of the curtains, and really, the mess isn't too bad.


Carol E Wyer said...

Those are very, very nice curtains and what a super view! My Mother (aged 76) is heavily into sewing and apparently decided to sew some new curtains too last week. I can as always only admire your ability - I have trouble threading a needle! (Now I feel inadequate again lol)
Well done.

- said...

Very pretty and suits your window just fine!