Monday, January 3, 2011

An Award For Me?

My good friend Mindy over at In the Loop nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award!  How cool is that?  You should check out her blog.  She can do amazing things with a crochet hook.  You should see her incredible crocheted, beaded necklaces.

My requirements for accepting it are as follows: I have to tell you 7 things about my self, and pass the award on to 15 other bloggers.  Here goes:

1.  I am nearly 100% Dutch.
2.  I play the Hand Bells at my church.  (maybe I'll post a video one of these days)
3.  My dream home is a cabin on the shores of Lake Superior.
4.  I have the best husband in the world who lets me take over the whole dining room to craft, sew and quilt.  And who doesn't complain that I probably spend more to make stuff than to just buy it.
5.  I could live happily as a hermit (preferably on the shores of Lake Superior)
6.  I hate talking on the phone, so technology makes me happy.
7.  I really like eating cookie dough.  I won't eat cookie dough ice cream.

My list of Bloggers.  Please take the time to visit.  I'm sure they would appreciate it!

The Epic Adventures of Skarymop & Co
Stardust Shoes
Craft Apple
Adventures In Ansleyland
The Lang's Traveling Circus
The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts
Welcome to the gOOd Life
Sewing In No Man's Land
Me and My Bucket
Just Another Day in Paradise
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Elsie Marley

If you're one of the awardees, you can accept your award by linking back here, writing up 7 things about yourself, nominate 15 others, and let your nominees know about the award.

See Ya!


- said...

Congratulations and I'm with you on #5 and #6!

Unknown said...

No I have not gotten this award yet! Thanks Rachel!

Carol E Wyer said...

You dear kind person. Firstly well done on getting the award - you deserve it. I always enjoy visiting your blog. Secondly I am mightily impressed by you playing hand bells and will be one of those waiting to see a video of you. Hubby would like to be a hermit too - I'd like Hubby to be a hermit so that would be a win:win situation :)
Lastly I am very honoured that you chose to pass the award on to my blog and embarrassed to admit that I have been awarded it already but will still post that you wanted to give it to me and link back to your blog in a couple of days. I am very grateful to you for having thought of me so thank you enormously.
Huge thanks

Larissa@Just Another Day in Paradise said...

Thank you Rachel, it is so nice to be noticed. You are awesome and wonderfully kind!

saraH said...

thank you so much! and you have a lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel - I am very flattered! The hand bells thing is fascinating! My husbands parents are Dutch, and I'm really enjoying the reference to Dutch things in your blog (after all, my kids have Dutch grandparents on one side! My side are Australian for many generations, although originally they go back to England, Scotland, and Germany). And I love cookie dough too.